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Are you struggling with bad and broken teeth? Is your budget tight and you don't have time?  We can help you save valuable time with ALL-ON-4 dental implants for teeth-in-a-day.


Yes, you can get a radiant new smile in just one day. Our face-to-face live interactive video consultation and in-office exam with the doctor, help you get your smile back so you can eat and speak with confidence.


Using online secure texting and live video app technology, our ALL-ON-4® dental implants doctor can screen your smile, diagnose your front teeth condition, go over the different options all while answering your questions for Teeth-in-a-Day.


Our ALL-ON-4® doctor focus exclusively on dental implants for teeth-in-a-day. Whether it is replacing multiple teeth or a full mouth set of teeth over 4 implants, the doctor and clinical staff at ALL-ON-4® offer patients a world-class level of expertise via live video consultations and secure text messaging communications.


Once you get your smile analyzed and learn how ALL-ON-4® dental implants work, you will have a reason to smile again. 


We have pioneered the ALL-ON-4® dental implants face-to-face online live video consultation with a mobile app while delivering convenience for people who don't have time and crave for detail knowledge about teeth-in-day.


If you are one of many of our patients traveling from out of the state of Florida, you can save time, effort, cost of traveling, and find out if you are a candidate for ALL-ON-4® procedure. 


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implants FREE live video consultation works with the doctor? 

​We focus exclusively on ALL-ON-4®  dental implants for Teeth-In-A-Day. Whether it’s replacing multiple teeth or the full mouth with top and bottom teeth, our doctor offers patients a world-class level of expertise. Simply:

  1. Click "contact" and fill out the short online form or

  2. Click here: "Spruce App" to download our mobile App. 

  3. Create a new account  - with your name. 

  4. Then via our secure "Spruce App", start texting to our certified ALL-ON-4®  team members and booking live video consultations with the doctor.


 How to book 30 minutes ALL-ON-4® dental implants consultation online for Teeth-in-a-day with a certified doctor?


Get convenient access to ALL-ON-4® dental implants doctor online via mobile live video and text messaging.

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Who is a candidate for ALL-ON-4® dental implants?

 At your interactive live video consultation, you’ll receive a dynamic smile visualization and qualification analysis. This analysis will help determine the course of your ALL-ON-4® dental implants and assist you in creating your treatment plan.  Simply send us your X-rays via email for a free evaluation or schedule your online visit consultation with the doctor.


How to get started with ALL-ON-4 Implants?

  • Call our office at 954-474-5567 to get all your questions answered

  • Or download ALL-ON-4® "Spruce App" (from this link) on your mobile phone.

  • Create a new account with your name.

  •  And then start your ALL-ON-4 dental implants video consultation with the doctor.


Via our mobile App, one of our certified ALL-ON-4® team members would take your medical history prior to your live video consultation with the doctor

ALL-ON-4® Dental Implants for Teeth-In-Day BEFORE & AFTER​
What are the benefits of ALL-ON-4® dental implants online live video consultation?
  • Be more convenient than the in-office initial consultation 

    Teledentistry has been shown to increase efficiency through reduced travel times and fewer in-person appointments for dental implants patients.

  • Align with today’s ALL-ON-4® patients’ needs for modern forms of communication

    ALL-ON-4® secure text messaging and live video teledentistry services has been growing rapidly because it offers three fundamental benefits: It has been shown to reduce the cost of dental implant consultations and increase efficiency through better management of people with bad teeth and severe periodontal disease, reduced travel times, and fewer or shorter in-office dental appointments.



15 second explanation on how ALL-ON-4® Dental Implants & Teeth-in-a-Day work together

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What dates and time is ALL-ON-4® Implants procedure performed?

1123 S University Dr, Plantation, FL 33324


Monday - Thursday: 9am to 5pm EST

Friday: Closed

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed

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What states allow All-on-4  Implants TeleDentistry Consultation?

The federal government has been supportive of teledentistry and wishes to see the field continue to grow.  They do not want licensure to become a barrier for telemedicine and are trying to find license alternatives for providers. However, 23 states currently have restrictive laws proclaiming that in order to practice dental medicine across state lines, a dentist must have a full license. The additional 27 states have not yet established any laws defining the practice of teledentistry.


As of 2019, our ALL-ON-4 dental implants clinic has helped people from all around the USA with our live video & text messaging App and/or phone calls interaction. People have reached us from different states including  

 Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, CaliforniaDelaware, FloridaIdahoIowaKentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, MinnesotaNew Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New YorkNorth Dakota, OhioOregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South CarolinaUtah, VermontWashington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming. 




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