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Certified Doctor

ALL-ON-4® dental implants certified Florida doctor provides an easy, cost-effective, and secure way to facilitate ALL-ON-4® dental implants procedure. Live Chat with us now! Our Live Chat saves you time and effort on information about ALL-ON-4® procedure.

To date, we are the first and only Live Chat service exclusively for ALL-ON-4® dental implants and its related twilight and general anesthesia procedure.

Our ALL-ON-4® Live Chat helps you get your questions answered by a certified ALL-ON-4® doctor or his assistant from the comfort of your couch.

Our ALL-ON-4® Live Video  App is the only online interactive video for ALL-ON-4® consultation that protect patient privacy and meet the strict patient protections required by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

Our ALL-ON-4® Live Video interaction system allows us to reach people who traditionally do not have time to travel to find out if they are a candidate for ALL-ON-4® dental implants procedure.  All it takes is you to download the ALL-ON-4® Live Video App and schedule an online virtual consultation with a certified ALL-ON-4® doctor.


It only takes one consultation using our ALL-ON-4® Live Video App to screen the patient, go over the treatment, estimated cost, and recovery time. 

Our ALL-ON-4® Live Video is used in lieu of a trip to the ALL-ON-4® dental implants dentist’s office for the initial consultation. It has become popular for patients who want to know if they are a candidate for ALL-ON-4® dental implants and the management of follow-up online visits.

It is important to note that live video communication applications we commonly use to connect with friends and co-workers, like Facetime, Skype, Whatsapp, iMessage are not in compliance with laws and guidelines of privacy, confidentiality & medical records communication and shall not be used to submit any Protected Health Information (PHI).

Our ALL-ON-4® Live Video platform system, focus exclusively on dental implants for teeth-in-a-day. It allows our doctor to deliver efficient dental implants care and provide access in a much more convenient way to get the smile people want.


Download the App here and start booking your live video consultation with our certified ALL-ON-4  team members and the doctor. 

Certified Florida

All-On-4 doctor

Max Arocha DMD 

Max Arocha DMD is a certified, license and active oral implantologist doctor who specialize in ALL-ON-4® dental implants for teeth-in a-day under sedation.

Dr. Max Arocha has spoken and made television appearances for National Medical Report about dental implants. He is a HealthTap Founding Doctor and his answers and insights have helped well over one hundred thousand people. 

He has pioneered several minimally invasive ALL-ON-4® dental implant techniques using advanced hard tissue lasers with computerized 3D surgical guide protocols. He gives his patients new smiles, faster and less costly than ever imagined.


He has taught at the World Clinical Laser Institute about advanced laser techniques on teeth bone loss.


Dr. Max Arocha holds hospital privileges at Memorial Regional Hospital in Florida. He is a prolific innovator and awarded of U.S. and international patents in the field of medicine in anesthesia and the field of periodontal micro and nano-encapsulation antibiotics .


Dental School Training- Temple University School of Dentistry, Pennsylvania


Residency Training- Lehigh Valley Hospital, Pennsylvania


Intravenous (IV) Sedation Training: Albert Einstein College of Medicine. New York


Hospital Medical Staff - Memorial Regional Hospital, FL


Biochemistry Training - Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, FL.

 What are ALL-ON-4 

Dental Implants

TeleDentistry Benefits?

  • Via our Live Chat and Live Video  people can now consult  instantly with a certified, license and active dental implants doctor and his assistant;

  •  Can go over details on ALL-ON-4® procedure and patient cases, regardless of location, and without sometimes the need for travel for initial consultation;

  • Dental implants doctors  can examine patient's smile profile, front teeth condition and more using our secure mobile Live Video APP.

  • ALL-ON-4® and general anesthesia consults can effectively be provided through our Live Video for individuals who has true dental phobia, and who may otherwise be reluctant to keep appointments in person at a dentist provider's office;

  • Patients with a  busy schedule who do not have much time to drive and wait for an initial ALL-ON-4® dental implant consultation. 

Dental implants Teledentistry Research

Recent studies have shown that teledentistry implant live video conferencing directly improves access to dental care, and improve the quality of care that could lead to improved oral health outcomes.  These online modern technologies also make the dental care system much more cost effective.